An Adelaide based business consultancy with a focus on smart business solutions & supporting ecosystems.


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We support the growing startup ecosystem in Adelaide with a unique mix of connections, mentoring, investment and development.


Why Adelaide?

  1. it’s a beautiful city
  2. defence
  3. agriculture
  4. centrally located
  5. background in the arts
  6. background in science
  7. 3 universities
  8. medical research
  9. displaced workforce
  10. low cost of operation (relative to East coast)
  11. CBD has plenty of vacancy
  12. existing community of startups: accelerators, events, mentoring

With decades of experience in finance, Shahin Consulting understands the importance of capital to kickstart and bolster the growth of new companies. With us your startup can expect more than financial involvement from a distance. We bring the best advice in valuations, methods of funding, tranching, and strategy as you grow.

Here are some articles that we feel are important and will be updated regularly:


Startup trends

    1. Ersnt & Young removes degree classification criteria
    2. Stores are using big data to track customers


Adelaide scene

  1. SouthStart Conference & Expo
  2. Renew Adelaide